DIY Guns: Ivan’s Updated 3D Printed Walther PDW

    DIY Guns: Ivan's Updated 3D Printed Walther PDW

    A couple weeks back we talked about Ivan The Troll‘s 3D printed Walther PPK frame. That iteration was basically a proof of concept to see if he could make a durable and lasting frame using some 3D printed parts and an AR-15 fire control group. Now he has upgraded his creation to the next logical step – a Walther PDW.

    DIY Guns: Ivan’s Updated 3D Printed Walther PDW

    For those wondering, his previous print lasted about 230 rounds and he ended up going a different route to reinforce the frame. In his comment on the last article he gave us this info:

    This frame broke right at 230 rounds – it wasn’t the barrel mount that broke, but the trigger guard/slide stop mount. This should prove easy enough to reinforce in the next iteration.

    I have to say it again – I love Ivan’s use of an old parts kit for this build. It’s a very practical way to make use of what would otherwise be just a collection of replacement parts for a gun which had most of its frames destroyed by the German government. His latest build saw the addition of a new frame meant to accept a KAK Industries Shockwave brace at the end of it and he also added a SIG Sauer red dot on top to round out the design. Here is his full description of the new build:

    Ever wanted a Walter PPK PDW? You’re Welcome! from guns

    My latest pet project, a 3D printed frame for the Walther PPK. This variation features a brace and red dot/pic rail, making it a PDW of sorts.

    Everything seen in blue is eSun PLA+. I’ve still got some development work to do, and this won’t ever be a very strong build, but it’s a lot of fun and can hopefully serve as a generic starting point for making printed frames for the clones and derivatives of the PPK.

    It uses an AR15 fire control group because the original fire control parts wore out the plastic frame in only a couple dry fires.

    DIY Guns: Ivan's Updated 3D Printed Walther PDW

    Ivan later shared his post to the r/walther subreddit and as you can imagine, the German screaming in the comments of his post immediately intensified (although it seems the guys on that subreddit did it all in good humor). Either way, I think what Ivan has done to progress his design is great and I’m looking forward to the next step in his adventure. What do you guys think of this new development in Ivan’s 3D printed Walther PDW?

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