Close and Personal: The Trench by American Tomahawk Company

    Close and Personal: The Trench by American Tomahawk Company

    Recently released from the American Tomahawk company, the Trench is the company’s own entry into the field of riot protection gear. The 25 ounce STN66 Nylon handled club was inspired by WWI trench clubs which were used during melee combat during night time trench raiding expeditions.

    Close and Personal: The Trench by American Tomahawk Company

    An example of a WWI style Trench club

    Now why would someone go and use a 100 year old weapon as opposed to a firearm? Well, there are several reasons. Sometimes lethal force isn’t always necessary and as an added bonus, clubs are essentially force amplifiers for your hands. The Trench does seem to have a bit of lethality worked into the design though with the semi spiked edge. To me, it looks like someone took a gear and glued it to the end of a stick – although it’s done far more elegantly.


    • Overall Length: 14 in
    • Blade Diameter: 3 in
    • Weight: 25 ounces
    • Blade: Carbon Steel with Black Powder coat finish
    • Handle:STN66 Super Tough Nylon

    Close and Personal: The Trench by American Tomahawk Company

    I find the combination of carbon steel and Nylon to be pretty neat as it puts most of the weight down at the business end of the club, on top of that it has a nice powder coated finish. In these uncertain and often dangerous times this is the type of walking stick I think would be useful to carry around with you should the unthinkable happen.

    Currently the Trench is not available but it is said it should be available sometime this week. The trench sells for $125.00 and if you’d like to be notified when American Tomahawk will start shipping these bludgeons you can sign up at their website here.

    This item caught my attention mostly because things like clubs or night sticks ever occur to me since I carry a firearm on a daily basis. Is there a time when something like this will be a superior choice over a firearm or is the gun the answer for every self defense situation? Thoughts and comments welcome down below.

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