Sustainable Suppression – New Hush Products from ASE Utra

    Ase Utra Oy from Finland have been manufacturing sound suppressors for hunting, sports and professional use since 1994. Their usual production exceeds over 10,000 units per year and they state that they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sound suppressors.

    While their products may not be available in the United States and other areas due to import regulations and similar legislation it may still be of interest to see what is going on overseas in the development of suppressors.

    Two new suppressors have been developed. The new DUAL556-S-BL (141 mm) is 19% shorter than original DUAL556-BL (175 mm). The new DUAL762-S-BL (151 mm) is 20% shorter than original DUAL762-BL (189 mm). These suppressors both use the newest advanced flow-through technology. This flow-through design is optimal for semi and fully automatic rifles.From ASE Utra’s Product Announcements:

    The new DUAL556-S-BL (141 mm) and DUAL762-S-BL (151mm) are 20% shorter than the standard DUAL-BL versions, but still provide the same efficiency. Suppressor represents the newest advanced flow through technology. The flow-through design is optimal for semi and fully automatic rifles. DUAL-S-BL is ultra-compact and efficient suppressor for demanding professional users. Suppressor is especially made for CQB weapons.
    DUAL-S-BL provide superior flash suppression and only causes ca. 5 % increase in the bolt carrier velocity compared to the 25-50 % increase of traditional suppressors. Stainless steel construction and Borelock A1 Bird Cage/Borelock muzzle brake mounting system makes suppressor extremely durable and reliable.
    Sound suppression ca. 22 dB (1 m left of the muzzle), ca. 18 dB (shooters left or right ear).
    Four different color options; Black, FDE, Coyote and OD Green.
     Below the new Ase Utra DUAL556-S-BL.
    And the DUAL762-S-BL for larger calibers.

    One of the reasons that Finland (and Norway) are large producers of sound suppressors is that they require no license. Suppressors are considered to be a “firearm component”, but can be used with without a separate license. (Source)

    Would you use sound suppressors on all your firearms if there was no tax stamp?

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