Minimalistic Muzzle Brakes from Infitech

    Infitech Sweden’s R&D department seem to be very busy and have just released a family of minimalistic 9 mm muzzle brakes. They are available in 3 sizes: Mini, Micro and Nano.

    Their aim has been to offer the best recoil reduction with the smallest possible footprint.

    Below you can see the Nano on a Ruger PC Carbine. To me it looks like it blends in really well, just as if it was from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

    Below is the Micro version, which is just a little longer.

    The largest one is called Mini. The outside diameter is .750 (19mm), so the Infitech muzzle brake blends in seamlessly with most 9mm carbine barrels. With a crushwasher used to time it.



    From Infitech:

    The Mini from our Minimalist series of 9mm muzzle brakes.

    The Minimalist series is designed to give the best recoil reduction with the smallest possible footprint.

    With an outside diameter of .750 (19mm), the Minimalist muzzle brakes blend in seamlessly with most 9mm carbine barrels, especially if timed without the use of a crushwasher.

    The Mini features a 4-port design, making it the largest and most effective option in the Minimalist series:

    – The first two ports reduces muzzle jump aswell as help give side-to-side stability.

    – The third port provides further reduction in muzzle jump.

    – The fourth port increases overall recoil reduction.

    16mm wrench flats makes installation and removal a fast and easy job.

    Overall, the family is made in 4140 steel and comes in Cerakote Armor Black. The thread is 1/2-28″ and includes a crushwasher for mounting.

    The price is $84.62 and they offer international shipping.

    On my Ruger PC Carbine I’m using Infitech’s IMB9 Muzzle Brake. With a long barrel (hunting legal) I’m not sure how much gas I have left and how much use it is, but I’d rather have it than not.

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