POTD: Barrett “Special Applications Scoped Rifle”

    Photo Of The Day – We’re looking at the Barrett M82 (M107A1) tearing up every particle on the ground, and sending empty brass forward as this massive sniper rifle reloads. The pictures are from the official Twitter site for the 2d Cavalry Regiment.

    POTD: Barrett Special Applications Scoped Rifle

    Shooting .50 BMG means there’s dust everywhere. There’s a reason the spotter is at a distance.

    The M82 is made by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company, and is used as a “Special Applications Scoped Rifle”. I think the riflescope on this one is made by US Optics. Note the long Picatinny rail.

    Many of our Dragoons have learned a great deal during their time in Georgia! Check out the Saber team as they conduct their sniper range training!

    Here is the original Tweet from the 2d Cavalry Regiment, based in Vilseck, Germany. You can find their homepage here

    The 2d Cavalry Regiment provides the 7th Army Training Command with a lethal and agile force capable of rapid deployment throughout the European theater in order to Assure allies, Deter adversaries, and when ordered, Defend the NATO alliance.

    All pictures by Sgt. LaShic Patterson.