TFB Review: Savior Shorty Rifle Rack & Mobile Firearm Rack

    Savior Equipment makes some really nice rifle cases. I have one of their 42″ double rifle cases and it is my primary rifle case for transporting rifles to the range. However, I have been looking for mobile firearm storage and recently discovered that Savior makes two racks, the Shorty Rifle Rack and Mobile Firearm Rack.

    Mobile Firearm Rack

    The Mobile Firearm Rack is made of only three components. The barrel support, stock support and the vertical stand. The barrel support and stock support are held onto the vertical stand using twin screws per support. So only a total of four screws are needed to assemble the mobile firearm rack.

    The kickstand section folds up against the upright but the barrel support and stock support stick out rather far. You can remove the four screws and remove the supports from the vertical stand. Now you can toss the mobile firearm rack in the trunk of your car.

    Photo by Savior Equipment

    The rear kickstand is held in place with this large detent. You have to push it in, close the kickstand and it locks into place in the other detent hole.

    The mobile firearm rack can hold 6 full-length rifles or shotguns. The top barrel support also has a rack on the opposite side for storing 8 handguns.

    The handgun rack surprised me how well it can accommodate odd sized handguns as well as regular handguns.

    Kel-Tec CP33 fits even with the Streamlight TLR-VIRII.

    This was asking a lot. ALG 6 Second mount with SureFIre X400V.

    STI Steelmaster with frame-mounted optic.

    Normally handguns rest on the trigger guard.

    Weaponlights stand the handguns off a bit but they still fit.

    The Mobile Firearm Rack costs $99.99 on their website and comes in two colors; Obsidian Black or RAL 8000. The minimum firearm length for the rifle rack side is 31″ OAL.

    Savior Shorty Rifle Rack

    While the Mobile Firearm Rack is nice, I prefer the Shorty Rifle Rack much more. The Mobile Firearm Rack feels empty on the handgun side. Another issue is the screws and how the Mobile Firearm Rack is taken down. It does not collapse as flat or small as I would like.

    The Shorty Rifle Rack is self contained and folds flat.

    shorty rifle rack in the back of my FJ

    The shorty rifle rack has a carry handle welded onto one side with the Savior logo cut into it. Just in front of the handle is the takedown pin.

    The pin holds the rack together in its folded position.

    Once you have the shorty rifle rack unfolded, you need to reposition the barrel and stock supports from their stored position. You are simply undocking them and rotating them up 90°. The supports are held in with spring-loaded detents and a square bracket on each side. Repositioning them is instantaneous, pull the detents back and flip the support, release the detents. No need to unscrew and re-screw screws.

    When storing the stock support, you should flip them around 180° so the protrusion points inward to the folded rack.

    Another huge benefit that the Shorty Rifle Rack has over the Mobile Firearm Rack is the ability to store short firearms. You can raise the stock support on one side or lower the barrel support on the other side. Now the shorty rifle rack can accommodate 19″ OAL firearms.

    photo by Savior Equipment

    The shorty rifle rack can hold a total of 9 firearms: 5 on one side and 4 on the other. This is so when you have guns on either side the barrels will not hit one another. They could have fit 6 guns on the outside but then the supports would not nest into the stand.

    If you want the Shorty Rifle Rack it is a bit more than the Mobile Firearm Rack. It is $149.99 on Savior Equipment’s website. That is a 50% increase from the Mobile Firearm Rack price. But I think it is worth it. I don’t usually have a large number of handguns at the range but I often have a number of long guns and short firearms so the Shorty Rifle Rack works well for me. Just like the Mobile Firearm Rack, you can get it in Obsidian Black or RAL 8000.

    I can also use it to get guns off the floor of my gun closet. Now it is only slightly less messy.

    One more nice feature is the packaging. Savior printed targets on the inside of the cardboard box for your enjoyment and training. The photos below are from the Shorty Rifle Rack box. One side has a silhouette while the other side has three bulls eye target.

    Mobile Firearm Rack cardboard targets. Both sides have the same 3 bulls eye targets.

    For more information go to Savior Equipment’s website.

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