POTD: FB MSBS Grot in Operation Masurian Lightning

    TFB’s Photo Of The Day is back sharing great photos from around the World and the World of firearms. Today we look at pictures from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland and their Operation Masurian Lightning from a few weeks ago. This was a platoon-level situational training exercise to increase readiness through multiple force on force events staged during day and night. Above we look at Polish soldiers with what must be the FB MSBS Grot.

    Soldiers from the US, UK and Romania participated in the event, with the aim to test and strengthen tactical skills, interoperability and overall readiness.

    The British-American-Polish cooperation also gave the soldiers an opportunity to exchange experiences and compare each other’s equipment.

    Bringing the drone up…

    UAV operators from Legion Troop, 2nd Cavalry Regiment and 1st Territorial Defense Brigade performed training flights for terrain surveillance and flights for combat use, like searching and tracking objects.

    Bringing the drone down… The flak reminds me of a smaller version of the winged beasts that the Nazgûls ride on in the Lord of The Rings.