Glock 19 With 3D Printed Parts Seized by Police in Sydney, Australia

    Police in Sydney, Australia have seized a partially 3D printed Glock 19 pistol after a raid on a Newtown home, the gun believed to have also been assembled with illegally imported parts. As only the slide, barrel and trigger components need to be smuggled in through the postal service (which are unregulated and freely available online, at least in the US) such a route offers much less of a hurdle for those in places such as Australia where 3D printers, at least for now remain unregulated. A similar seizure occurred in Winnipeg, Canada last year.

    The printed frame, in this case, is easily identifiable by the presence of screw holes at the rear, (not present on purpose-made Glock frames) which serve to hold DIY rear rails. Instructions are available to guide the builder along the process of making the rails from small blocks of aluminum using a file.

    FMDA printable Glock 19 frame. (NSW Police)

    Assembled pistol. The magazine in this case is a ‘Menendez’ mag and also printable. (NSW Police)

    A 3D printer seized which appears to be a Creality Ender 3. (NSW Police)

    Drug and Firearms Squad detectives have charged a man after seizing a 3D printer, as well as a firearm comprised of 3D-printed and imported parts, at a home in Sydney’s Inner West yesterday.

    In November 2018, detectives from the State Crime Command’s Drug and Firearms Squad established Strike Force Myosoti to investigate the movement of firearms between states and territories.

    As part of ongoing investigations, police received information about the importation of firearm parts from the United States of America through registered post.

    Following extensive inquiries, officers arrested a 32-year-old man at a home at Newtown, just before 6.30am yesterday (Tuesday 22 September 2020).

    Shortly after the arrest, Drug and Firearms Squad detectives, with assistance from the Public Order and Riot Squad (PORS), executed a search warrant at the home.

    During the search, investigators seized a 3D printer and a semi-automatic pistol comprised of 3D-printed and imported parts.

    Officers also located additional 3D-printed firearm parts, ammunition, electronic devices and an amount of cannabis.

    All items were seized for further forensic examination.

    The man was taken to Newtown Police Station and charged with manufacture pistol without licence/permit, possess unregistered firearm (pistol), not keep firearm safely (pistol) and possess ammunition without holding licence/permit/authority.

    He was refused bail to appear at Newtown Local Court today (Wednesday 23 September 2020). NSW Police

    The Menendez printable Glock compatible magazine, the development of which was prompted by and devoted to New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, also appears to have been seized. Australia also restricts possession of firearms magazines which can now simply be produced domestically.

    The Menendez Magazine (Left) and Robert Menendez (Right).


    All 3D printed components, in this case, were developed and released by Deterrence Dispensed, an activist group of 3D printed gun developers behind other notable printable weapons such as the FGC-9 covered earlier in the year.