More Bubbles From Spuhr Mounts

    Schmidt & Bender riflescope in Spuhr mount, with an Aimpoint ACRO secondary and the new Spuhr bubble level.

    If you’re shooting long distances a bubble level is strongly recommended. It will help you keep your shooting platform at a horizontal level reducing the margin of error. Most of the scope mounts from Spuhr have a bubble level built-in at the bottom, shown towards the shooter. Due to its location, it can be a little difficult to spot where the bubble is, so Spuhr has developed a new version called the A-0119.

    Their separate bubble level is made with a 1-degree offset, and with two set screws, you adjust it to your bubble level in the mount (or whatever other reference you chose).

    In the picture below you can see the built-in bubble level. For a lot of people, it’s difficult to see it due to shadows or as in my case, it’s too close for my eyes when I’m in my shooting position. With the optional new bubble, you can see it clearly against the sky on the top left (or right) position.

    TFB got a sample from the first batch (which seems to have sold out faster than I could write this article) so that I could try it and take some pictures of it. In fact, I liked it so much I ordered three more and sent a one for Cerakoting of a special project of mine.

    The new bubble mounts directly on the interface of their ISMS mount.

    Remember to zero the bubble level using the included set screws!

    As I removed another bubble level, made by another company, to fit this one, I discovered that it didn’t have the option to adjust it and had probably been a little bit off all the time.

    Spuhr bubble lever a119

    Here’s the description from Spuhr’s website:

    A-0119 Bubble Level Assembly

    Article no.: A-0119

    External Bubble Level Assembly designed to attach forward on the scope mount body or ring. Perfect solution for shooters who are unable to focus on the built-in level in the standard ISMS series or who has a model without a built-in level. The angle of the assembly can be adjusted using two set screws. Includes screws. Weight: 20 g/0.7 oz

    The “thing” holding the TFB patch is the Hawk Hill Custom “RMD” or Rifle Mounted Data-Holder, also known as a D.O.P.E. card holder (D.O.P.E. = Data Observed from Previous Engagements).


    Below: View from top-front.

    Below: With the Aimpoint ACRO (Cerakoted).

    Here’s an example where the built-in bubble level is not visible due to a throw lever. Due to restrictions in the design, not all Spuhr mounts have the bubble level built-in, for instance, the SP-3022, SP-3024, SP-3026, SP-4022, SP-4024, SP-4026, SP-6002, SP-6016, and SP6026…

    The image above is from The Cerakoter who painted my scope mount, the bubble and the Aimpoint ACRO in Magpul Dark Earth with some camouflage. I think they did an amazing job. Check here for some other images of their work.

    The price for the bubble level is $92.00 or €78.20. If you want to upgrade your existing Spuhr mount with this bubble, you can find it either at Mile High Shooting (USA) or at Spuhr’s website.

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