POTD: UZI PRO Submachine Gun

    Welcome back to TFB’s daily Photo Of The Day article series. In today’s edition, we are looking at the UZI PRO, submachine gun based on the legendary UZI design of 65 years back.

    From IWI’s website:

    Evolution of the iconic UZI SMG

    • More ease-of-use, reliability and accuracy
    • Light-weight, compact and concealable
    • Looks like an UZI, shoots like a rifle!

    The new UZI PRO Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) is based on the legendary UZI design of 65 years ago but has since been transformed with modern materials and advanced technological features.  Today, a new short and compact version comes in an ultra-modern ergonomic design offering better control, more safety and maximum accuracy.

    The UZI PRO is the latest evolution featuring the most advanced firearms technologies. It transforms the UZI weapon through new modern polymers, MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny) rails, an ergonomic shoulder stock, and a foldable hand grip, to deliver the SMG of tomorrow.

    The new SMG, based on the Israeli Special Forces battle-proven experience, has been redesigned to be lighter but still concealable. All the new developments were realized without compromising the functionality and reliability of the legendary UZI.

    Since its early deployment, the UZI, one of the world’s most iconic weapons continues to uphold the technological standards of the 21st century. Originally in service in 1956, the UZI was adopted as a frontline weapon by the IDF Elite Forces who favored its reliability, compact size and firepower. Since then over 2 million units have been sold worldwide.

    The popular Mini and Micro UZI versions were developed for Special Units, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Elite Police units specializing in Close Quarters Battle (CQB).

    The pictures above are from IWI’s Facebook page.

    Here is another take on the Uzi, a more classical one. This one I encountered on an IPSC handgun competition recently. Still going strong!

    It’s pretty cool to see it in action, and shooting it is a challenge in itself. It also goes into the Open division, which has some serious competition.