Assassin’s Way – The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    Assassin's Way - The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    Taking place throughout the month of September 2021 is the massive Assassin’s Way competition that covers a broad section of the United States with its various tasks and locations. The Assassin’s Way competition has a wallet shrinking $25,000 entry fee but with an equally large cash payback of $500,000 for the sole victor of the competition.

    Assassin's Way - The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    Assassin’s Way – The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    The Assassin’s Way competition is said to test a wide variety of skills across 7 different states and 23 days of competition. Each of the 45 competitors is not only responsible for their $25,000 entry fee but their food and travel costs as well between each destination. The Assassin’s Way competition this year began in Texas at the Rifles Only training facility.

    After each task at each location is completed, a competitor then receives written instructions which contain the next location for their next set of tasks. The entirety of the 23-day competition is conducted in this manner until the completion of the competition.

    Assassin's Way - The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    What’s interesting is that inside the Assassin’s Way competition will be competitions. Once again these competitions inside the larger competition will need their entries paid for by the competitor. Despite the apparent high-profile nature of the event, it is still open to civilians, military, law enforcement and private security contractors alike who can all pit their skills against one another in this winner-take-all competition.

    If you are interested (and just have $25,000 laying around) in participating in the Assassin’s Way competition in September of 2021, registration is open now on the Rifles Only Website. In addition, training classes and clinics will be available throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021 in order for you to gain the required knowledge to complete the various tasks that will need to be completed throughout the course. The online booking allows for full or partial payment of the entrance fee.

    Assassin's Way - The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition

    Personally, this sounds like a barrel of fun despite the hefty price tag. As of right now, there is not much info regarding what specific tasks will be required for each competitor. The website does, however, state that competitors must be physically fit and have a “working understanding of the skill sets required to compete.” The website also states that a full list of competition rules will be available as well as the exact number of miles that will be traveled during the competition.

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