New US-Made SIG P210 vs. Original Swiss P210 + Full Review

James Reeves
by James Reeves

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves explores the SIG P210. James has a review copy of the SIG P210 Standard model, which is the new, all-stainless steel version made in the United States. Most P210 fans are well acquainted with and very fond of the carbon steel classic Swiss SIG P210, a hand-fitted masterwork. But which is better? Precision machinery or old-world hand fitting? James visits SIG Sauer in New Hampshire and compares a US SIG directly to the Swiss version with Tim Butler, the famed, experienced, and wise SIG engineer and manager of SIG’s Custom Shop.

SIG’s marketing materials say of the new P210:

“Introducing the new P210. Aimed specifically to deliver unparalleled target shooting performance and precision, this model embodies all of the heritage of the classic P210 ― now equipped with updated ergonomics and a target trigger.”


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James Reeves
James Reeves

Owner, Neutral Ground Gun Co. NRA/Louisiana State Police certified concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present Maxim Magazine's MAXIMum Warrior, 2011 TFBTV Executive Producer Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition Lawyer Instagram: gunshorts Twitter: @jjreeves

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  • Al Al on Sep 19, 2020

    I bought the new service model p210, and I like it. I always wanted one of the original models, but they’re too expensive to shoot. I didn’t get it to carry, any more than I’d actually carry one of the Colt single action army’s or 1911’s I have. It’s a really nice shooter with a bit of history. I suspect that if you want one, buy it sooner rather than later. Sig discontinued the Sig556 legacy model after several years due to slow sales. I can’t imagine that this one will be a sales champion for them either.

  • Ted Unlis Ted Unlis on Sep 19, 2020

    A collector item, that’s it. The reason I stopped carrying my 1970’s vintage Colt Python or Gold Cup National Match with ivory grips 30-35 yrs ago is because both are heavy and have limited capacity. When I did carry my Belgium Browning HP over 35 yrs ago it was only when off duty and in condition 3 because IMO it’s unsafe to carry cocked & locked any single action semi-auto that lacks a grip safety in condition 1. I still have all three, the first two are in a safety deposit box along with a gen 1 Colt SAA, the HP stored away in my gun safe. As much as I love to occasionally take my valuable collector items to the range to shoot and admire, I’ll never pretend about or try to justify the practicality of those guns for defensive carry. Collector items, that’s it. The only practical reason to own a US P210 is that you can afford an expensive alternative to the original and can make room for it in your gun safe.