Gunwerks Lite SabR – Integrally Suppressed Bolt-Action Rifle Chambered in .338 RCM

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    The Skunkwerks custom firearms division of Gunwerks built a pretty interesting bolt-action rifle which they named Lite SabR. This rifle is chambered in .338 Ruger Compact Magnum (.338 RCM), has an integrally suppressed barrel and extensively utilizes light materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and magnesium. The result is an extremely lightweight yet potent, hard-hitting rig. Comparing with other rifles in their product line, Gunwerks describes the new Lite SabR as a rifle that is “light as a ClymR, but hits like the HAMR!“.

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    The Gunwerks Lite SabR rifle is built with the use of the company’s titanium GLR action installed into an XLR Industries Element 3.0 magnesium chassis. The chassis features a built-in bottom ARCA Swiss rail and has a folding carbon fiber adjustable stock. Another XLR Industries part used in this build is the 3D printed titanium grip which has a pretty unique webbed design.

    The Lite SabR rifle is equipped with a Suppressed Weapon Systems integrally suppressed barrel that has the baffles machined right into its front portion and is completely enclosed in the titanium outer sleeve. The overall length of the barrel is 22″, however, the actual rifled portion is 14″ with the remaining eight inches being the baffles.

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    The baffles are one piece with the barrel.

    The Gunwerks Lite SabR rifle also comes with a TriggerTech trigger set at 2.5 lb pull weight and Accurate Mag 5-round AICS pattern detachable box magazine. The finish on the metal parts is Cerakote of Tungsten and Graphite colors. The length of the rifle with the stock deployed and folded is 42″ and 33″ respectively. As a result of using lightweight materials, the overall weight of this rifle is 7lbs (8.5 lbs with the Schmidt & Bender PMII 1.5-8×26 scope mounted).

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    The .338 RCM is a rimless short action cartridge created by Ruger and Hornady in 2008. Being based on the .375 Ruger case, it has quite a large case capacity and performs almost like the .338 Winchester Magnum except in a short action package. For example, .338 Win Mag and .338 RCM Hornady Superformance ammunition loaded with 225 gr SST bullets (both fired in 24″ test barrels) have advertised muzzle velocities of 2,840 fps and 2,750 fps respectively. The shorter barrel of Lite SabR is capable of pushing the 225gr bullets of the mentioned Hornady load to 2,500 fps.

    The Gunwerks Lite SabR rifle is listed on the company’s website at a price point of $12,900. As in the case of many other Gunwerks rifles, the price is not for the rifle only but rather for a package which in this case includes the rifle itself, Schmidt & Bender PMII 1.5-8×26 scope mounted in Gunwerks Unity rings, 300 rounds of .338 RCM Hornady 225gr SST Superformance ammunition, Savior Equipment American Classic soft carry case and custom hard case. Due to the integral suppressor, the acquisition of this rifle requires a tax stamp. The estimated start of shipping is October 2020.

    To learn more about the Gunwerks Lite SabR rifle, watch the below-embedded video.

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