POTD: Slavic Brotherhood 2019 Exercise

    Photo Of The Day – Looking for pictures of soldiers and their firearms? Look no further, TFB’s daily articles are where you will find these. Here we look at a joint Russian-Serbian-Belarusian exercise called the “Slavic Brotherhood 2019”. The paratroopers were dropped from a height of 2,000 meters and landed near a fictional terrorist base situated near the Kovin airfield.

    There were over 200 soldiers from the Airborne Forces of Russia, the Army of Serbia and the MTR of Belarus in the exercise.

    Machine translated from Russian.

    In Serbia, the active phase of the joint international Slavic Brotherhood-2019 exercise began, during which the special forces of Russia and Serbia completed the task of destroying illegal armed groups

    The first phase of the active phase involves the seizure of the airfield to ensure the transfer of the main units. Special forces of Russia and Serbia, consisting of about 60 people, landed on Arbalet-2 guided parachutes from an Il-76 aircraft in the vicinity of the Kovin airfield and, secretly advancing to the positions of conditional terrorists, destroyed security forces and released hostages.

    Then, two special forces of Serbia and Belarus landed from the Mi-8 helicopter by landing method, which, with the fire support of Russian colleagues, completed the capture of the airfield. After the capture of the airfield, the main forces of the coalition unit were massed along with BMD-2 airborne combat vehicles, collected at the landing site and advanced to the areas of the Oresac and Peskovi ranges for further blocking and destruction of illegal armed groups.

    Some kind of machine gun hidden in the deep grass. Who can identify the firearm below?

    Photos from Mil.ru