POTD: The AEROMECH APS-F1 Handgun System Concept

    Each day TFB publishes one or more photographs from our fascinating world of firearms. Along with this comes a brief explanation. Today we look at renderings, not photographs, of a design made by Alex Senechal who is a Freelance Concept Designer in Berlin. He calls his creation The AEROMECH APS-F1 Handgun System. He started his handgun concept in the airport of Athens, and ended it on a train in the Netherlands.

    I really like the look, but the magazine is probably going to be somewhat jam-o-matic. The balance of this firearm looks interesting as well.

    The trigger finger is going to be very close to the dangerous end. A suppressor is suggested.

    For those who like akimbos, get two!

    AEROMECH APS-F1 Handgun System

    Note the fun switch.

    You can find the concept here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xa8VE

    What do you think of the concept in our Photo Of The Day? Do you think it would work?