POTD: CZ Scorpion EVO III with Modifications

    Photo Of The Day – The photo above may give the Social Media Girl over at another firearms brand a heart attack, but let’s hope not. We’re looking at a CZ Scorpion EVO III with a Yeti Wurks trigger, Switchback grip and Avalanche magazine release. The optics is a Vortex UH1 Gen 2 and the brace is from SB Tactical. There are many more details about the new Vortex revealed in this edition of TFB’s Friday Night Lights.

    CZ Scorpion EVO III

    I’ve tried the EVO III and it seemed very reliable and is very affordable. Did you try it? How did you like it?

    “Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.”
    – Martin Parr

    All pictures by Jeremy Tremp at Offensive Marketing Group, used with permission.

    You can find Yeti Wurks here