Kalashnikov’s PPK-20 Submachine Gun In Action

    PPK-20 SMG (Kalashnikov)

    Back in July, Hrachya reported on the newly modernized Vityaz 9x19mm submachine gun, the PPK-20. Now following the recent Army-2020 Expo in Moscow Kalashnikov have introduced a flurry of new weapons and shared some promotional videos of them in action. The latest is for the PPK-20.


    So far we’ve seen the AK-19, a new 5.56×45 variant of the AK-12 family, and a newly updated generation of the AK-12 itself. As well as the unveiling of the new RPL-20 belt-fed 5.45x39mm light machine gun and the MP-155 ULTIMA smart shotgun.

    The new video featuring the PPK-20 from Kalashnikov Concern runs over some of the weapons features, check it out below.

    Not to be confused with the classic Walther PPK, the PPK-20’s name abbreviates Pistolet-Pulemyot Kalashnikova-20 which translates Kalashnikov Submachine Gun-20. While largely based on Mikhail Kalashnikov’s iconic rifle, the Vityaz is the work of his son – Victor Kalashnikov. Hrachya explains more about this here.

    While the new AK-19 and the AK-12 Gen 2 have some new features including a new pistol grip assembly and rear sight, it appears that these haven’t been carried over to the PPK-20 yet. The PPK-20 has an adjustable ‘AK-EVO’ folding stock (which folds to the left) similar to that seen on the new rifles but is also seen with the AK-12 Gen 1’s pistol grip. The PPK-20 also has the ergonomic improvement of the finger ledge on the selector for easier manipulation which is now standard to most of Kalashnikov’s AK-pattern weapons.

    Close up of the PPK-20’s receiver (Kalashnikov)

    The PPK-20 reportedly has improved reliability and can mount a pistol calibre suppressor as standard with a quick detach attachment built into the muzzle device. The forend remains similar to the AK-100 series of rifles – with a 6 o’clock Picatinny rail and rail attachment points at 3 and 9 o’clock.

    The PPK-20’s new QD suppressor (Kalashnikov)

    The video states that the PPK-20 has “passed official trials and deemed fit for mass production.” Kalashnikov Concern also recently released a civilian pistol calibre carbine version of the PPK-20, known as the TR9 Paradox.

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