POTD: The New Aston Martin DBX in Top Gear Magazine

    "So once we got it in we sorted a Remington rifle, fitted with a Wildcat moderator to mock up a shot in the range..."

    Guns and SUVs – that is the topic of today’s Photo Of The Day. Aston Martin’s new SUV is called the DBX. As part of the launch, the Top Gear Magazine went to the Silverstone Shooting Centre which is a privately owned commercial shooting range close to the Silverstone Racing Circuit (United Kingdom). They offer a modern shooting range and are the UK’s only fully electronic full bore target shooting facility.

    Their idea was to use the DBX (Aston Martins new SUV) in a variety of off road type adventures and one idea was to use it as some kind of shooting platform, would be able to accommodate that? Well seeing as one of or ranges is specifically designed to get vehicles in (designed for police training) it wasnt that hard to get the DBX in and mock up some shooting images for their feature.

    Picture by Aston Martin.

    It’s been a while since TFB last combined automobiles and shooting, but if you’re into the subject may we remind you about these articles and photos? “Luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing. England wins!” and the “Bentley Bentayga Falconry”.

    The photo is from Silverstone Shooting Center and you can find more pictures and the full story here.

    Top Gear Magazine can be found here.

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