ELEY Ammunition Announces Introduction of ELEY Precision Club

    ELEY Ammunition Announces Introduction of ELEY Precision Club

    ELEY Ammunition specializes in what some consider to be the most accurate 22LR rimfire loads available on the market. The company has just announced the start of its ELEY Precision Club. The club aims to unite competition shooters across the world by allowing them to compete for head to head from their own respective shooting clubs. Have a look at the full press release below:

    ELEY Ammunition Announces Introduction of ELEY Precision Club

    ELEY set to revolutionize shooting sports with the ELEY Precision Club

    ELEY is excited to launch its brand new ELEY Precision Club, allowing competitors from all over the world to compete against each other from the comfort of their local shooting club.

    ELEY believe online competition provides the perfect opportunity for competitors to participate in global competitions and has an exciting ‘Masters’ series of events scheduled with the opportunity of becoming a ‘World Champion’. Not to mention, the amazing cash, ammunition and clothing prizes that are up for grabs.

    Competition brings out the very best in us, not just because ELEY has the most successful
    ammunition in the world, but because we love to compete and connect with shooters across the globe. With an uncertain future, and the current global situation restricting travel, the ELEY Precision Club hopes to provide shooters with a fun, safe alternative for competing.

    Michael Atkinson, brand manager for ELEY said: “ELEY is constantly striving to develop and revolutionise shooting sports. The ELEY Precision Club will provide shooters of all ages and abilities from a range of disciplines to compete on a global stage against other shooters internationally.”

    The first competition to be hosted on the platform is the ELEY benchrest masters. Competitors will be shooting six targets, each with 25 bulls at a distance of 50m. Scores will need to be uploaded to the myELEY dashboard by the competition end date, 11:59pm 1 st November 2020 (GMT).

    You will need to register your interest on the Precision Club homepage. Once your dashboard is created, you will have instant access to any future ELEY online competitions.

    Hosted by the myELEY.com platform, ELEY’s vision is to unite shooters by encouraging greater club interaction and securing a positive future for our sport.

    To find out more about the masters series, or to enter the first benchrest match, head over to www.eley.co.uk/precisionclub.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the ELEY Precision Club.

    ELEY Ammunition Announces Introduction of ELEY Precision Club

    The ELEY Precision Club, I believe, has the potential to bring new life into the shooting sports world. Those in remote areas who have either no one to compete with or very few people who compete at their level can now network with shooters from the other side of the planet to test their skills.

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