TFB Review: Southern Cross Small Arms TSP X Rifle Chassis

    Southern Cross Small Arms is an Australian company based in New South Wales. They specialize in manufacturing quality rifle chassis at an affordable price. We had a chance to review one such chassis offering from Southern Cross Small Arms, the TSP X (Tactical Shooting Platform).

    The Southern Cross Small Arms TSP X chassis is available in a wide variety of footprints for different firearms from different manufacturers:

    • Short Action: Tikka T3/T3X/CTR, Howa 1500, Lithgow LA102, Remington 700 (including clones), Sauer 100 short action calibre based rifles.
    • Long Action: Tikka T3/T3X/CTR, Howa 1500, Remington 700 long action calibre based rifles
    • Mini Action: Howa 1500 Mini Action

    The SCSA TSP X Chassis snugly holding a Tikka T3

    Full of features

    The TSP X is machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and comes standard with a black anodized coating. The TSP X weighs in at a light weight of 4.1lbs/1.86kg. The integrated buttstock features 1 inch/25mm of LOP adjustment, and 1.1 inches of check-rest adjustment which also features a zero stop, and 14 degrees of yaw adjustment.

    The forend of the chassis has 15 M-LOK slots, 5 slots in each of the 90, 180 and 270-degree arcs. This makes it easy to add accessories, such as bi-pods, ARCA-style rails and hand stops. The TSP X features 4 QD sling cups for using slings (duh), making it handy for those who use a sling whilst shooting in PRS-style events.

    The TSP X ships with an A2-style pistol grip, making it a simple case of adding an AICS-style magazine (Howa Mini Action Chassis uses the Howa Mini Action factory mags) and the TSP X is ready to go!

    A breakdown of the Tactical Shooting Platform X Chassis

    What was it like in the flesh?

    Southern Cross Small Arms very kindly sent me a TSP X to have a look over.

    Nice and neat ordinary packaging.

    As I had a pretty much unused Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 308 Winchester sitting around gathering cobwebs, I decided to use the TSP X to breathe some new life into it.

    The packaging was neat, with everything in individual wrapping, as well as a set of instructions. Southern Cross Small Arms utilizing the following in assembly:

    • 6mm hex key (wrench)
    • 5mm hex key (wrench) Metric Threaded Actions
    • 3 / 16″ hex key (wrench) SAE Threaded Actions
    • 4mm hex key (wrench)
    • 3mm hex key (wrench)
    • 2.5mm hex key (wrench)
    • Torque wrench up to 30 N.m (265
    • Loctite® 243-Blue medium strength or equivalent

    Let’s get this out on the table. Nice!

    As you can see above, the box contained:

    • Buttstock, Chassis Inlet, Forend, Trigger Guard and Forward Magazine Adapter
      Chassis Fasteners
    • 3 Spacers for extra LOP
    • 1 A2 grip with fastener

    The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I had the TSP X assembled in no time.

    Just like Lego after Christmas lunch!

    All assembled, now for upgrades.

    Next up was taking the Remington 700 I had out of its factory stock, and fixing it into the TSP X. Simple ‘as.

    The TSP X in all its assembled glory.

    Now it was a simple task of updating the rings and mounts and adding an optic. Luckily for me, OSA Australia were at hand to lend me a set of SIG Sauer Alpha Tactica 34mm rings, and a Nikko-Stirling Diamond FFP 6-24×50 scope. There’ll be more on this scope and ring set up in a separate write-up, but it was beyond impressive for the price point.

    Oh yeah. It’s all coming together.

    The chassis performed great. The buttstock was comfortable and thanks to the adjustable cheekpiece, was easy to maintain a comfortable weld one. The grip, whilst not ideally suited to slinging lead at longer ranges, still performed acceptably.

    All in all, I was very happy with the TSP X Chassis. It was comfortable to shoot, and gives plenty of room for customization.

    Speaking of customization…

    Southern Cross Small Arms have a folding stock adapter that fits between the stock and the rear end of the chassis. It is pictured below.

    Folding stock in the wild, with a positive lock.

    Another thing I picked up on the Southern Cross Small Arms website is the download tab. I figured this would just be manuals for putting together the various models of the TSP X. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find two other products being offered by Southern Cross Small Arms, and they are completely free.

    These ‘items’ are two zip files containing all the necessary files to 3D Print two accessories for the TSP X Buttstock. One is a bag rider, that will securely fit your shooting bag, and the other is a Picatinny rail for the addition of other accessories, like a monopod. It’s cool to see companies directly offer 3D printing as a viable aftermarket, and even cooler to see them offer it for free.

    3D printing is cool, and you should try it.


    The TSP X Chassis is distributed in Australia by OSA Australia, in the USA by Legacy Sports International, Highland Outdoors in the UK, BCN Outdoor in Spain, Delta Firearms Distribution in South Africa and Outdoor Sports New Zealand in NZ. Another quality Australian-made product making waves around the globe. Happy Shooting!

    James B

    Jimmy is employed within the security industry in Australia. He is a passionate firearms connoisseur, enjoying target shooting, hunting and collecting. He also likes fine dining and thinking up silly gun designs.