POTD: Chris Costa’s Busy Day At The Office

    To my knowledge this is the first time that Chris Costa appears on any of TFB’s Photo Of The Day, but what an entry! Above you can see him “C clamping” a suppressed B&T APC9 PRO (Advanced Police Carbine). You need fairly large hands to do that, but even I managed on mine.

    Below he’s on a dirt bike doing circles. On his webpage, there’s a video on carry options when running bikes.

    The tactical suit is from Grayman and Co. You can build your own special suit here: https://grayman.co/products/build-your-suit

    Chris costa

    Looks like a nice range. And a nice suit.

    Had a busy day at the office @grayman.co if function is first the rest is simple. Such amazing suits!

    Even Superman would fight crime in this suit!


    Chris Costa is now the President & Director of Training of Costa Ludus. You can check their details here.

    Costa Ludus conducts training for the game of life, where the knowledge and skills learned in training may one day translate over to the streets or battlefield, determining life or death. We train others with the understanding that life is bigger than us. We understand the sacrifices that others make on a daily basis for our freedoms – that is why we take training so seriously.