Infitech AR15 Handguard Adapter for Ruger PC Carbine

    Infitech have developed a new AR15 Handguard Adapter for the Ruger PC Carbine. Why not just buy the chassis model directly from Ruger some will say, but the issue is that in many countries the only version that is legal (for hunting) is the Non-Restricted 18″ Ruger PCC. So the only possibility to put an AR15 handguard is to use an adapter.

    The price is $ 362.96, which may seem steep but again there is probably a lot of CNC machining involved and the market is very limited. Note that the handguard is not included in the price.

    Below you can find a picture of the parts and a description.

    Product Description:

    Our AR15 handguard adapter designed for the Ruger PC Carbine.

    Features the same basic frontal profile and barrel nut threads as a regular AR15 upper receiver, allowing you to mount any AR15 handguard to your Ruger PC Carbine.

    The handguard is centered around the barrel and freefloated, the picatinny rail is raised to standard AR15 height to match the handguard.

    Does not interfere with the takedown mechanism, and provides a smooth transition from your Ruger receiver to the handguard.

    Material: 6082-T6

    Finish: Anodized matte black

    Total weight excl handguard: 11.6oz (330g)

    Inludes the adapter, rail riser and necessary hardware.

    Will not work with rifles that have the factory aluminium handguard.

    Please note: The adapter adds 3.75″ in length (96mm), you need to deduct this length from the desired total length when selecting handguards.

    For example, an 11.25″ handguard would give you a total length of 15″ etc.

    TFB have revied Infitech’s products before and found them to be of good quality and design. (TFB Review: Infitech Aimpoint Micro Mount, Enlarged Magazine Release & Charging Handle).

    After you told us what you think about the parts in the comments below, please check the product link here.

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