POTD: HMS Argyll Night Gunnery Firing Exercises

    Picture: UK Ministry of Defence.

    Join the NAVY and see the World! Or just have a lazy look at TFB’s Photo Of The Day and share amazing experiences like this night photo of the HMS Argyll in the Far East.┬áThe Mark 8 Mod1 4.5-inch (114mm) gun was fitted in 2010, and almost looks like a laser gun. The new gun was fitted together with a number of other modifications and improvements, like a new command system.


    HMS Argyll takes part in day and night gunnery firing exercises with HMAS Stuart whilst on Exercise Bersama Lima in the Far East.

    Royal Navy frigates and destroyers are all fitted with a 4.5 inch (114 mm) gun and one of its roles (NGS) is to provide fire support to troops ashore.

    The serial was co-ordinated with Australian Ship HMAS Stuart and involved single and multiple day time firings. After a short break waiting for night to fall, the firing then continued into the evening with night time star shell illumination firings.

    Picture and caption: UK Ministry of Defence.