Mekanix – New Handguard and Gas Block for Heckler & Koch MR223/MR556/HK416 Rifles

    Mekanix, a company based in Mølnbukt, Norway, have developed a handguard and a gas block that fits the Heckler & Koch`s MR223/HK416/MR556 rifles. They seem to have a lot of time at hand to develop new and clever solutions.

    The handguard has been developed by shooters for shooters, and the goal in the development has been the challenges that shooters face in competition shooting like IPSC and 3 Gun.

    Developing a slimline handguard for H&K rifles was a challenge since these rifles are piston operated and have a much larger gas block compared to the standard AR15 platform.

    Here is a description of the Mekanix H&K handguard:

    • Grip.

    A good grip is essential for any competitor. The handguard has a knurled surface along the whole handguard so you get a good grip regardless of where you position your hands.

    The surface also gives an added bonus that it “grip/stick” to wooden surfaces one usually finds in barricades, walls, apertures and such, whilst still comfortable to hold.

    • Ventilation

    Good ventilation is essential to aid in cooling the barrel as quickly as possible. A well know effect from hot barrels is the mirage you get in the scope. The barrel wear will also increase in level with the heat.

    The handguard is machines with 61 slots, each 7x32mm large. This does not only provide good ventilation for the barrel, but it also gives great flexibility regarding mounting possibilities.

    Each slot is made from the M-Lok specifications, which enable you to mount a whole variety of accessories to the handguard.

    • Mounting possibilities and M-LOK.

    The handguard is equipped with 61 slots, these slots have the same dimensions as the well known M-Lok system(7x32mm). This gives you great flexibility and enable you to mount a whole variety of accessories to the handguard.

    • Quick-release.

    In addition to the 61 slots, we also have milled some grooves on top and bottom. These are quite similar to a Picatinny mount, meaning that with some minor modifications you can use Picatinny adapters to attach directly to the handguard. So you don’t have to attach external Picatinny rails to e.g. use bipods with quick release.

    The only modification needed is that the Picatinny mount needs to be “sharp” to ensure it fits well into the grooves.


    • Diameter Ø46mm
    • Lenght 420mm / 16,5″
    • Weight 415g
    • Material aluminum
    • Surface anodized black

    There is a video about the gas block here.

    In terms of pricing, you won’t be surprised when you hear they’re a little more expensive than normal AR15 parts. The price for the Mekanix Handguard XHG-NO is 5,500 NOK, about 555 USD. The gas block is 3,000 NOK, about 335 USD.

    What do you think of the solutions?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.