Luth-AR Announces Widebody Palm Handguard

    The Widebody Palm Handguard (Luth-AR)

    Have you ever handled or fired an original M16 or an AR-15 with the classic original tri-form handguards? They have a certain ergonomic quality to them that some might argue we have lost as we evolved through the A2 style handguards, through quad rails to the more recent lightweight M-LOK and KeyMod forends. Well, Luth-AR have announced their Widebody Palm Handguard that looks like it melds that modern modularity with some of the old school ergonomics of the original M16 handguard. The wider base of the new handguard also provides a stable shooting platform when resting the forend on surfaces.

    The Widebody Palm Handguard (Luth-AR)

    Bottom of the Widebody Palm Handguard (Luth-AR)

    Here’s what Luth-AR have to say about the Widebody Palm Handguard:

    Luth-AR announces the New Widebody Palm Handguard® for AR carbines and rifles.

    Luth-AR is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Luth-AR Palm Handguard® line of hand guards.

    The Widebody Palm Handguard®, builds on the same ergonomic profile as our innovative Palm Handguard® with a new Widebody profile that conforms to the palm of your hand, and provides a wide, flat surface to lay on a shooting bag or other support for maximum stability.

    Perfect for Hunters, Precision, or 3-Gun competitors, the 15” length features MLOK™ slots along the upper-side flat, and three rows of slots on the bottom flat.

    The Widebody Palm Handguard® is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum extrusion that is hard coat anodized black, and includes a Barrel Nut made from alloy steel with a Melonite® finish.


    • MLOK™
    • 15” Length available
    • Includes Palm Handguard® Barrel Nut
    • Includes 4 clamp screws
    • 2 vertical set screws, to control linear movement
    • Thread lock for simple and quick installation
    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum extrusion
    • Finish: Black hard coat anodized, matte finish

    Priced affordably, Dealer, Quantity and OEM pricing is available upon request.

    Paired with one of the Luth-AR MBA buttstocks featuring adjustable cheek rest and length-of-pull, the shooter can custom fit their AR rifle or carbine to enhance their shooting performance.

    MSRP $98.95, Dealer, Quantity and OEM pricing is available upon request.

    For more information about Luth-AR’s award-winning products including the Chubby Grip®, Palm Handguard® and the MBA Modular Buttstock Assembly™, visit us at: and follow us on Facebook, and Instagram.

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