POTD: Apex Tactical Trigger for the Springfield Hellcat

    apex trigger

    Few, if any, micro-compact pistols are known for their great triggers. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why I sold one of my pocket rockets, and I rarely sell any firearms. Now I kind of regret it, but what’s done is done. The subject of oday’s Photo Of The Day is the new Action Enhancement Trigger from Apex Tactical. It fits the Springfield Hellcat and is said to “significantly improve the trigger pull.”

    The price for the trigger starts from $79.95, which seems fair if it performs as promised.

    POTD: Apex Tactical Trigger for the Springfield Hellcat

    Jeremy Tremp took both photos and here’s a link to his Instagram.

    All pictures by Jeremy Tremp at Offensive Marketing Group, used with permission.

    For more information on the new trigger check out Luke’s article: New Trigger for the Springfield Hellcat by Apex Tactical.