Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    Magpul PMAGs are some of the most popular (if not the most popular) glass-filled nylon magazines on the market. Widely renowned for their durability and reliability, PMAGs are almost synonymous with the AR-15 platform they are used with. A YouTuber Full Lead Taco recently completed a decades-long experiment in which he tested whether his loaded PMAG would still remain functional after 12 years of storage.

    Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    According to online legend and lore, the supposed problem with storing loaded PMAGs is that the polymer feed lips will start to bend after extended storage. I myself have actually encountered this problem with other polymer magazines.

    The constant pressure of a fully-loaded magazine pushes the feed lips apart eventually and this problem is only exacerbated if the magazines are left exposed to heat or direct sunlight. I have never encountered this problem with any of my loaded PMAGs, however. Some online forums have repeated this piece of firearms lore by saying that Magpul dealers themselves have said to only load the magazines to no more than 20 rounds to prevent flexing during storage.

    Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    Full Lead Taco is a great YouTuber who I have been following for quite some time, mostly for his reloading content related to big-bore AR calibers but he also throws in interesting little experiments like this one from time to time.

    His results with his Gen 1 PMAG were honestly not all that surprising based on what I know of Magpul’s venerated magazines. The magazine was intended to be stored for only 10 years, however, Full Lead Taco forgot that it was in his gun safe for an additional 2 years before finally bringing it out of storage. The magazine was loaded and stored without the plastic dust/impact cover on top which many say will prevent feed lips from expanding.

    Loaded PMAG: Still Functional After 12 Years of Storage?

    An impact/dust protector that can be placed on either end of the magazine

    Taco loaded the magazine up and fired away with no problems seating, unloading, or feeding the rifle whatsoever. In the past, my other brands of magazines have had issues even being put into the rifle where I encountered a lot of resistance. Usually, feeding wasn’t an issue, however, once the magazine was empty these other magazines didn’t drop free.

    It is because of these experiences that I only ever own three types of magazines now, Magpul PMAGs, Lancer AWMs, and plain old USGI Magazines. So if you were ever worried that you couldn’t store fully loaded PMAGs, worry no more! Be sure to check out the full video by Full Lead Taco below.

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