POTD: Arming The Space Force – HERA Arms

    When talking about arming The Space Force and choosing the Official Space Gun, it seems we forgot the option from HERA Arms. My article titled HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front Grip” was extremely popular, so when Ben at Battle Born Photography published his artistic version of the concept, I knew I had to ask for permission to use it for TFB’s Photo Of the Day. Hopefully, we can use more of his great material in the future.

    Below: The HERA Arms Space gun, without Space.

    Hera arms

    Photos from Instagram:


    All photos by Battle Born Photography. Check out their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/battleborn/

    For America’s First Space Age Automatic Rifle check out the link. The new Hera Arms H7 Remington 700 Chassis and Rifle is also worth a look if you’re into bolt-actions and the HERA look.