New Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16×28 Digital Day/Night Riflescope

    Sightmark has a new Wraith Digital Day/Night Riflescope called HD 2-16×28. It has a lower magnification to provide the user with a larger field of view while scanning or tracking animals through the riflescope. The Sightmark Wraith 2x is intended for fast-moving hog and varmint hunting.

    The new Wraith comes coupled with an 850nm IR illuminator and uses a 1920×1080 CMOS sensor to detect objects up to 200 yards away at night. With an 8x digital zoom and a 1280×720 FLCOS screen, the new product is said to deliver fine-detail imaging.

    At Sightmark, we pride ourselves on innovation and listening to our customers when designing new products. Which is why we are extremely excited to announce the release of a brand new digital day/night scope: the Wraith HD 2-16×28!

    This new addition to the Wraith HD digital scope lineup will feature a base magnification of 2x and a wider field of view than its 4x sibling, allowing a better sight picture for up-close hog hunters and those shooting at closer distances.

    All other features between the Wraith HD 2x and 4x models will be the same. Retail pricing is the exact same as the current Wraith HD 4x and we will have these ready to ship out the first week of September!

    The Wraith has black-and-white, or green, night vision and daytime color mode, displaying images in sharp, full-color clarity.

    There are 10 reticle options in 9 colors, 5 weapon profile saves and a built-in 1080p HD video recording that enables users to preserve their memories. The housing is made in a durable aluminum body, with an IP55 water-resistant rating and 20° to 122° operating temperature range.

    Included with the Wraith are IR illuminator, objective lens cover, fixed Picatinny mount, additional weaver rail for accessories, and user manual.  

    You can find the product page for the new Sightmark Wraith here:×28-digital-nightvision-riflescope/

    Eric B

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