POTD: Magnus Special Training Center

    Magnus Special Training Center

    Photo Of The Day – TFB is now on its 7th year of bringing you high-quality photographs from the world of firearms – every day. Today we take a look at some pictures from the Magnus Special Training Center, where some training with K9 Dogs and the Heckler & Koch MP5 SD seems to be going on.

    The name of the Center comes from the ancient school of gladiators Magnus Ludus, the largest of the gladiatorial schools in Rome.

    Unfortunatelly we can’t show all… But we want to share with you, guys, our work with K9 Handlers from Мобільний Підрозділ ДОЗОР.

    (Translated: Mobile Unit Surveillance)

    Magnus is an international company that provides training in the field of personal security, special tasks performance, and survival around the world. The company has four main areas of training. This is the training of close protection units operatives, special tasks units (army, police, anti-terror), medical training and the training for private clients.

    All pictures from the Magnus Special Training Center.