Lingle Industries BREAK – CZ Bren 2 Lower Receiver Taking AK Mags, AR Triggers and AR Grips

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    Lingle Industries is a new company that has just released their first product – CZ Bren 2 lower receiver called BREAK (stands for BREn AK). What sets the Lingle Industries BREAK lower receiver apart from the factory one is that it takes standard 7.62x39mm AK magazines with rock & lock insertion as opposed to the proprietary straight insert mags used in 7.62×39 Bren 2, and it’s also compatible with AR-15 trigger mechanisms (including the safety selector) and pistol grips.

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    The Lingle Industries BREAK lower receiver is made of Nylon with Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology. It is also shot peened to increase its overall strength and features steel reinforcements in the magazine lockup areas. According to Lingle Industries, the BREAK receiver will work with most of the AK-47 magazines including the drums. It is not, however, compatible with all AR-15 triggers. Here is what the company says about the trigger compatibility:

    *Note: Not all AR triggers will work with this lower.  Due to the firing pin safety on the bolt, hammers must be at least 0.25″ to function reliably.  A few triggers that will not work with lower are American AR Gold, most CMC triggers, Geissele S3G/SD/SSA/G2, JP EZ trigger, Larue MBT and most Rise-Armament triggers.
    Elf, KE Arms, Rise and Timmney triggers may work as they measure around 0.25″ wide.
    ALG Defense, BCM, Franklin Armament, Fostech, Mil-Spec, and Trigger Tech triggers should have no issues.
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    The Lingle Industries BREAK lower receiver is available for preorder at an MSRP of $250. The lead time is 3-4 weeks. The serialized part of CZ Bren 2 that is legally considered a firearm and requires a transfer to an FFL dealer, is the upper receiver, hence the BREAK lower receiver can be delivered to your doorstep as it counts as an ordinary part.

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    AK mags with AR triggers and grips – I think that’s a great combination of parts borrowed from other weapon systems making the 7.62×39 Bren 2 compatible with a wide variety of readily available spare and upgrade parts. What do you think about the Lingle Industries BREAK lower receiver?

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