POTD: Very Rare SIG Neuhausen 44/16 Pistol

    Neuhausen collection Spuhr

    Each day TFB publishes one or more photographs from our fascinating world of firearms. Along with this comes a brief explanation. Today we have a very unique handgun, with very few in existence. We’re looking at a SIG Neuhausen 44/16.

    This pistol was probably made in 1946. There were two pistols that were shipped to Sweden, so that the civilian shooting associations could evaluate if the 8 shot or the 16 shot version were the best for target shooting. There is no hard evidence, but this is most likely that particular 16 shot pistol. The serial number is 6019.

    There were 28 prototypes made. Of the first prototypes, 18 pcs were the 8 shot version, 9 pcs were with 16 shots and only one was made with 15 round capacity. The production versions start with serial number 6030. If you can add anything to its history, please do so as the owner would appreciate it a lot.

    A similar handgun, serial number 6022, was sold in 2014 for 28,750 USD.

    All pictures are taken by Robert Purvins, used with permission. You can find his Instagram here.

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