CROM USA PCC v2.0 Billet Chassis

    CROM USA’s billet chassis for the Ruger PCC has evolved. Their chassis are made of billet aluminum and allow the shooter to use the Magpul SGA shotgun stock. While they have a free-floated handguard they later came out with a modified Zhukov handguard. Well, now they have developed a new chassis that allows you to use AR pistol grips and a Picatinny rear rail to add braces or stocks.

    Before they developed their v2.0 billet chassis, Rob of CROM used a Mesa Tactical adapter. Since his original PCC Chassis utilizes the Mossberg pattern Magpul SGA stocks, you can attach any Mossberg compatible stock onto the back of it. So he used a Mesa Tactical adapter to add a buffer tube and pistol grip.

    Photo from CROM-USA Instagram.

    CROM also made their own adapter. Rather than relying on a buffer tube for a stock, they made an adapter that allows you to add a rear Picatinny rail and pistol grip to their original chassis.

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    When I first started out I the PCC game, it was to make a better rifle platform for the “restricted” states. Since then, the popularity of CROM progressed and we now have CROM family members in several “free” states as well… and with that, those CROM family want more out of their CROM PCC Chassis! I finally bring to you the CROM “PG” Adapter. A pistol grip adapter that provides a rear picatinny rail for mounting a stock or brace. It also hosts two steel QD sling mounts. This is no 3D printed garbage, or plastic nonsense. This is cut from billet 6061 aluminum and built to last forever. Designed to match the cosmetics of our chassis, it still fits perfectly on a Mossberg 500/590 receiver… for those of you wanting more options on that end too. Check it out at our website ASAP. On sale for the first run. #mossberg500 #mossbergshockwave #rugerpccarbine #pccarbine #pcc #gunparts #newgun #pewpew #pewpewlife #pewprofessional #gunsofinstagram #gunsdaily

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    Well, now their v2.0 billet chassis has this integrated into the chassis.

    Photo by CROM USA

    Photo by CROM USA

    CROM has also improved their mag release with an enlarged button. It is called the Casket Lid due to the shape of the button.

    For more information on CROM’s v.20 billet chassis and Casket Lid check out their Instagram.

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    Want to know who’s badass? You guys are! You guys push me to make more and better projects. You push me to go to the next level. Here is the NEW v2.0 chassis system in all its glory. A full, monolithic, billet aluminum, lightweight T6 6061, chassis system .. Flared magwell! Extended mag release! Dual QD sling mounts!! AR pistol grip compatible! Rear picatinny stock adapter!!…. I can’t tell you all enough how appreciative I am of the CROM family. I’ve never done a “Give Away” but this is happening RIGHT NOW. The prototype for the v2.0 is done and sick sick as hell. So I’m giving it away… don’t live in a free state? Ok, I’ll give you the regular version!! Here’s the rules….. tag three friends!!! Also, you have to follow @crom_usa and you have to follow @armourers_choice and @thepreppersbunkeroutdoors, @taccom3g @tacvent (I promise you’ll love their products). I will randomly select a winner at the end of the week. The winner will get the chassis system of their choice!!! So like! Share! Follow! Repost! Tag! Smoke! Shoot! Drink! Get laid! And win!!!!! #9mm #40cal #pewpewpew #rugerpccarbine #pccarbine #pcc #pccarbinechassis #gunsofinstagram #gunsdaily #pewpewlife #pewpewprofessional #pewprofessional #gungiveaway #gunparts

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