CROM USA PCC v2.0 Billet Chassis

    CROM USA’s billet chassis for the Ruger PCC has evolved. Their chassis are made of billet aluminum and allow the shooter to use the Magpul SGA shotgun stock. While they have a free-floated handguard they later came out with a modified Zhukov handguard. Well, now they have developed a new chassis that allows you to use AR pistol grips and a Picatinny rear rail to add braces or stocks.

    Before they developed their v2.0 billet chassis, Rob of CROM used a Mesa Tactical adapter. Since his original PCC Chassis utilizes the Mossberg pattern Magpul SGA stocks, you can attach any Mossberg compatible stock onto the back of it. So he used a Mesa Tactical adapter to add a buffer tube and pistol grip.

    Photo from CROM-USA Instagram.

    CROM also made their own adapter. Rather than relying on a buffer tube for a stock, they made an adapter that allows you to add a rear Picatinny rail and pistol grip to their original chassis.

    Well, now their v2.0 billet chassis has this integrated into the chassis.

    Photo by CROM USA

    Photo by CROM USA

    CROM has also improved their mag release with an enlarged button. It is called the Casket Lid due to the shape of the button.

    For more information on CROM’s v.20 billet chassis and Casket Lid check out their Instagram.

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