POTD: Shorties in Switzerland

    A wonderful picture from Switzerland to kick off TFB’s Photo Of The DayWe have a table full of Short-Barreled Rifles. Yes, their legal definition and how they’re classified may vary from country to country and sometimes even from state to state. The following rifles are on the table:

    B&T P26
    CSA VZ58 Sporter Compact
    SAN SG552

    To my knowledge, the B&T P26 is not available any longer.

    The picture is from Vogt Waffen in Switzerland. They also have a wonderful selection of suppressors from B&T that would suit these shorties very well.

    I’ve got a thing for short rifles and carbines, and I’m probably not alone.

    Which one of these shorties would you prefer and why? Would the choice be based on the caliber or anything else like the country it was made in? Let us know in the comments below.