POTD: German Special Forces Sniper Training in Lithuania

    Today’s Photo of the Day brings us to an almost exclusive Made In Germany experience, with the G28 DMR rifle (Designated Marksman Rifle) in use by the German Army. The rifle is a Heckler & Koch 417 with a Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 DMR scope with a single turn turret and DMR reticle, as used by the snipers of the German Special Forces Command (KSK). They also use the G22 sniper rifle. The location is the Pabradė military training area, which is located about 50 kilometers northeast of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

    German Sniper

    Sniper and spotter, a lot of high-end optics towards the target: “Send it!”

    Breaking up the signature with a ghillie suit and objects from the nearby vegetation.

    There’s nothing unusual here to see. Note the mesh to be able to see through the optics.

    Source: Bundeswehr. All photos by Anne-Sophie Zedler.

    Below is a video from their training in Switzerland.

    You can check the G28 Designated Marksman Rifle with Schmidt & Bender here.