PulTac Handgun Magazines with Built-In Loading Tool

    PulTac Handgun Magazines with Built-In Magazine Loader Tool (1)

    A new company called PulTac has developed handgun magazines which design makes loading them with ammunition a much easier process. PulTac magazines have a vertical slot cut in the side wall and a loading tab stored in the baseplate. When loading these magazines, you need to remove the tab from the baseplate, insert it into the follower from the side of the magazine and pull the tab/follower assembly down, along the side slot thus relieving the spring pressure and allowing to easily drop new cartridges into the magazine. Of course, you can also load these mags like standard magazines should you need to. Here is a video showing how PulTac magazines are loaded.

    Currently, there are 1911 and Glock 17 magazines listed on the company’s website. The Glock mag is not yet available for purchase and has a “coming soon” status. The 1911 magazines with PulTac’s reloading mechanism have a seven-round capacity and are compatible with full/government size 1911 pistols chambered in .45 ACP. The bodies of 1911 magazines are made of hardened 416 stainless steel. The followers, baseplates and loading tabs are made of industrial-grade Nylon.

    PulTac Handgun Magazines with Built-In Magazine Loader Tool (2)

    PulTac 1911 magazines.

    The MSRP of PulTac 1911 magazine is $34.99. The Glock 17 magazine has a price tag that reads $19.99. You can also purchase a spare loading tab for $2.99. PulTac magazines are patented (US patent # 10,436,532) and made in the USA.

    PulTac Handgun Magazines with Built-In Magazine Loader Tool (3)

    PulTac Glock 17 magazines.

    These magazines should be especially useful for people with hand dexterity issues or for long range sessions where you have to load a large amount of ammunition into the magazines. Tell us in the comments section in what applications do you think these mags can also come in handy? Do you see a benefit in having an easy magazine loading mechanism built into the magazine itself or do you think separate magazine loaders are a better or just as good option?

    Images by PulTac, www.pultac.com

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