Big News, a Little Reminiscing, and the 10mm: A Candid Interview with SIG Sauer

    This episode of TFBTV is an interview with SIG Sauer where James Reeves asks Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at SIG, these 20-ish questions that Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters mailed in. James nerds out in this interview and Tom gives us the details on the SIG MPX (maybe in 10mm?), The SIG MCX Spear, the news on SIG Germany, SIG’s new 3D printed cans (the SLX, SLH, and MOD X), the P320, and even talks about the gun SIG is proudest of making. There’s all of that and more in this special episode of TFBTV.


    0:00 Intro
    1:37 Which Sig had the hardest development process?
    4:32 Which gun is Sig the proudest of, and why?
    5:45 Will Sig ever re-release the 550-Series of rifles?
    6:39 What happened to Sig Germany?
    11:26 Is a German Sig better than a US-made Sig?
    13:19 Why was the 8″ Sig MPX discontinued?
    13:29 Is the MCX Spear coming to the civilian market?
    14:05 Where are the MPX caliber conversions?
    16:00 Will there be a 10mm MPX?
    16:38 WIll there be a 10mm Sig P320?
    16:51 Explain the problems with the early P365 models? Is it fixed?
    19:46 Will the P365 be released with a standard M1913-STD “Picatinny” rail?
    20:23 Are more versions of the P365 on the way?
    20:33 Will the P365 be introduced in new calibers? What about 10mm?
    20:46 Explain the rationale behind Sig optics mounting patterns on pistols?
    21:33 Will there be an optics-ready P226, P220, P228, P229 etc.?
    22:33 Will the Sig P210 be introduced in different calibers?
    22:45 Will Sig continue to support California-compliant guns?
    23:11 When are Sig’s new 3D printed titanium cans coming out?
    23:34 Will Sig make any more ban-state friendly rifles?
    24:00 Will Sig ever make a “value” line of guns that are more affordable?
    24:10 Was the M400 rifle discontinued?
    24:50 Is James allowed to wear shorts at Sig?
    25:45 Why are MPX mags so expensive?!

    Special thanks to Tom Taylor for participating and to everyone at SIG for hosting TFB. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at what SIG has going on.


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