POTD: The New Heckler & Koch SP5K-PDW

    The new Heckler & Koch SP5K-PDW is here! This is one of the most iconic firearms in the World – although I prefer it with a stock and a red dot – and it’s now available for sale. If you think you’ve seen all pictures of it, you haven’t. In this Photo Of The Day, we have a mixture with a few new ones for you.


    I’ve shot similar versions of the SP5K-PDW at SHOT Show Range Days and various versions of HK clones. For instance, the MKE T-94 ZSG Civilian Sporting Rifle, which is how I prefer the looks.

    If you don’t have a stock, using the strap and pushing it away from you is by far the best way to reach any sort of accuracy at distant targets. Check the top picture for reference.


    Photography: Working with light and shadows.

    All pictures by Jeremy Tremp at Offensive Marketing Group, used with permission.

    For TFB’s article on the new SP5K, check here: H&K Drops The SP5K PDW.

    The Heckler & Koch SP5K-PDW can be found here: https://hk-usa.com/hk-models/sp5k-pdw/

    What do you think? Did you get one already?