Nightforce Introduces Four New SFP NX8 Scopes

    Introducing the new models of Nightforce NX8 riflescopes.

    Introducing the new models of Nightforce NX8 riflescopes.

    Optics powerhouse Nightforce carries an interesting and unusual history. Most people express surprise when learning that one of recent history’s most preeminent scope manufacturers, one whose glass is trusted at some of the highest tiers of many militaries including that of the US, started life as a light company founded by an Australian dentist. Since the 90s, Nightforce has grown to produce some of the most sought-after riflescopes in the industry. One of their most notable is the NX8 series. While the 1-8x NX8 LPVO is a favorite of many AR shooters, the line also has options for long-range enthusiasts as well, with 2.5-20x and 4-32x models. Now those higher power options are expanding, as Nightforce has just announced new next-gen second focal plane versions of these models for an August 5th launch date. Here’s what Nightforce has to say about the new F2 glass, specifically the official description for their SFP 2.5-20x.

    The new NX8s are available with Nightforce's MIL-CF2(D) or MOAR-CF2(D) reticles.

    The new NX8s are available with Nightforce’s MIL-CF2(D) or MOAR-CF2(D) reticles.

    NX8™ 2.5-20×50 F2

    There’s a very good reason why most variable-power riflescopes have relatively modest magnification ranges, usually no more than a multiple of five or six (for example, a 3-12x is a multiple of four). While it has certainly been possible to build a riflescope with a multiple of eight, building one that delivers exceptional clarity, resolution and brightness at every setting, across the entire magnification range, has been a major obstacle for optical engineers. Until now. Our new NX8 2.5-20×50 F2 gives you one riflescope that will rule virtually any shooting environment, anywhere on Earth, at almost any distance. It includes advanced DigIllum reticle illumination. Nightforce ZeroStop technology. Your choice of MOA or Mil-Radian adjustments. And the power of eight comes in a sleek, streamlined package a mere 12 inches in length. It just might be the only riflescope you will ever need.

    Unique features

    • Second Focal Plane
    • DigIllum™
    • ZeroStop®
    • MOAR-CF2™
    • MIL-CF2™


    The 4-32x version is 1.4 inches longer than its little brother, but weighs only .3 ounces more.

    The 4-32x version is 1.4 inches longer than its little brother but weighs only .3 ounces more.

    Do you use Nightforce scopes? Are you looking forward to these new offerings? Is there a different, comparable scope you prefer instead, what is it and why do you like it better? If you plan to pick up one of these new NX8 models, please let us know your experience with it in the comments below. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of Nightforce.

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