POTD: Austrian Snipers

    Nothing to do? Each day you are welcome to TFB’s selection of photo highlights. Today we start off with a through-the-reticle photograph. Snipers need good eyesight and a steady hand. You rarely see it, but a sniper needs a lot of patience, self-sufficiency, inner calm and courage.

    “Precision – patience – calm”

    The pictures are from The Military Training Area in Allentsteig (Lower Austria). Overall this includes around 15,700 hectares and is primarily used as a service facility for the training and shooting operations of the Austrian Armed Forces.

    This looks exactly like my 1960s Zeiss binoculars, and it’s most likely the same model. Great optic, bulletproof design with a reticle to be able to measure distances.

    Steyr SSG 69

    The sniper group of the 5th Guards Company, as part of the fighter company of the AUTCON33 maneuvering battalion, completed the required shooting at the Allentsteig training area in preparation for deployment abroad at EUFOR / ALTHEA.

    All photos by Andreas Stuchlik, Austrian Bundesheer.

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