New KO-1 IWB Kydex Holster from N8 Tactical

    N8 Tactical's new kydex IWB holster, the KO-1.

    N8 Tactical's new kydex IWB holster, the KO-1.

    Holster maker N8 Tactical began as a two-man experiment in 2009, with the “N8” being a riff on the two founders both being named Nate. Having been dissatisfied with other options on the market at the time, friends Nate Beard and Nate Johnson decided to come together to see if they could build a better mousetrap – in this case, the “mousetrap” being a concealed carry holster. The focus was comfort; Beard and Johnson set out to develop an option for concealed carry that prevented corners and edges from jabbing them in the side or stomach all day. For this purpose, most of their products feature a large backing panel (think Crossbreed, which is owned by the same parent company) made of leather, suede, and neoprene that sits between you and your gun. However, N8 has announced a divergence from this pattern in a July 30th press release. Meet the KO-1, their first all-Kydex IWB holster.

    A view of the KO-1 holster by itself.

    A view of the KO-1 holster by itself.

    N8 Tactical Introduces Modular Kydex IWB Holster

    SPRINGFIELD, MO – N8 Tactical, an innovative holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, is pleased to announce the release of the company’s first all-Kydex holster called the KO-1.

    N8 Tactical developed the KO-1 to provide diverse and customizable carry configurations for concealed carry practitioners who favor an IWB holster. The KO-1 starts with a one-piece Kydex pocket form-fitted to specific handgun models. The pocket’s slim design ensures minimal bulk and maximum concealment compared to conventional IWB holsters.

    To customize fit and preferred carry style, the KO-1 is easily adjustable for ride height and cant. In addition to height and cant adjustment, the KO-1 can also be adjusted for retention. This system lets the user find the perfect tension for their draw style and preferred feel.

    Two clip options are offered. The low-ride clip places the mounting hardware well below the waist band/belt line, allowing for shirts to be tucked inside the pants and behind the clip, as well as seating the handgun deeper into the pants. The high-ride clip mounts at the top of the Kydex pocket, positioning the pistol higher on the torso, making it ideal for untucked carry.

    Further promoting fit and function is an optional Mod-Wing, which mounts behind the clip to provide outward tension on the waist band/belt. Featuring a reduced-slip contact surface, the Mod-Wing positions the handgun grip closer to the torso to minimize printing and to enhance overall stability for on-the-move carry conditions.

    Introductory model compatibility for the KO-1 holster includes:

    • GLOCK 26/27,
    • GLOCK 19/19x/23
    • GLOCK 43/43x
    • Sig 320 X Compact
    • Sig 365/365XL
    • S&W M&P 4.25″
    • Shield 9mm
    • Ruger LC9
    • 1911 5″ non-railed
    • Springfield Hellcat

    As with all N8 Tactical products, the new KO-1 comes with a Two-Week, Try it Free Guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

    To learn about the KO-1 holster or to see the full line of N8 Tactical holsters, visit


    This is N8's OT2 holster, which is more typical of what they've produced previously.

    This is N8’s OT2 holster, which is more typical of what they’ve produced previously.

    Do you already use another company’s Kydex IWB holster option, and would you like to check out N8’s version for comparison? Have you tried any of N8’s previous backer-equipped models? What did you think of them? What do you think of the new KO-1? Sound off in the comments! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of N8 Tactical.
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