FIMS SPBP Straight-Pull Bullpup Rifle Now Available for Preorder

    FIMS SPBP Straight Pull Bullpup Rifle Now Available for Preorder (1)

    Back in April of 2019, we reported about a straight-pull bullpup rifle that was being developed by FIMS Firearms. Later, we had a chance to take a look at this rifle at SHOT Show 2020 and although it still was a prototype, it was already impressive in terms of overall ergonomics, balance and trigger pull. Recently, FIMS Firearms announced that their Straight Pull Bullpup (SPBP) rifle has gone into production and they are taking preorders. Let’s see what features the production version of FIMS SPBP rifle packs.

    FIMS Firearms SPBP rifle is chambered in .308 Winchester and fed from AR-10/SR-25 pattern magazines. The barrels are cryogenically fit to the receivers and are free floated. The company claims that this rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy. The first run of FIMS SPBP rifles will be equipped with 20″ Criterion barrels, however, with the second and following batches, they will also offer the rifle with 16″ barrels. The overall length of the rifle with 16″ and 20″ barrels is 26.5″ and 32.5″ respectively. The 20″ barreled gun weighs in at 7.5 lbs.

    FIMS SPBP Straight Pull Bullpup Rifle Now Available for Preorder (3)

    FIMS SPBP rifle comes with a Timney trigger and a proprietary mechanism of linking the forward/bullpup trigger back to the rear trigger mechanism which results in a trigger pull that is quite light and crisp for a bullpup rifle. When pulled, the trigger moves straight back like a 1911 trigger. The trigger pull weight is adjustable within the 2-6 lb range. You can also adjust the take-up and switch between single- and two-stage triggers.

    FIMS SPBP rifle also features a top Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots at the sides and bottom of the handguard. The rifle is equipped with a rubber butt pad. The cheek pad is removable and the rifle will be shipped with several cheek pads of different heights allowing to adjust the cheek weld height. The disassembly is a toolless process.

    FIMS SPBP Straight Pull Bullpup Rifle Now Available for Preorder (2)

    The FIMS SPBP rifles are currently in production.

    The action of this rifle can be cycled extremely fast thanks to the forward location of the ambidextrous charging handle and the spring-assisted straight-pull design. If rapid fire is needed, one can keep his support hand on the charging handle and work the action at the speed of a pump-action firearm. Designing a well-balanced bullpup rifle is often challenging, however, FIMS Firearm did manage to balance this rifle right at the pistol grip. Both these features are demonstrated in the video below.

    To preorder the FIMS SPBP rifle all you have to do is to register on their website – no deposits are required. The MSRP is $2,500. The estimated start of delivery is late 3rd, early 4th quarter of 2020.

    Lastly, here is a video where Matthew Steinhauser, Chief Engineer of FIMS Firearms, shows and explains the key features of the SPBP rifle.

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