AK-150 and Beyond – Ambazonia Develops New Arsenal

    Since late 2017 a group of secessionists in Cameroon’s former British mandate located in the southwest have been fighting under the banner of a self-declared state named the Federal Republic of Ambazonia or Amber Land. Bordering Nigeria to the northwest and the majority French-speaking Cameroon Republic to the east, Ambazonia takes its name from Ambas Bay, the local name for the mouth of the Wouri River where in 1858 English was established as a permanent language. A peaceful movement for independence had been growing for decades which after widespread several strikes and protests culminated in the declaration of an independent Republic and armed struggle in November 2017. Ambazonia even have their own cryptocurrency, the AmberCoin.

    The Amberzonia Defence Forces (ADF) appear to have access to at least some conventional arms, one video showing a ‘blessing ceremony’ of what appear to be several thoroughly battle-worn AKs, an RPK and H&K G3s, another under the title ‘A fruitful HARVEST FOR AMBERZONIA’ shows what could be captured arms. Despite small batches of weapons getting through, Ambazonians have also had to resort to craft production of their own indigenous weapons utilizing locally sourced materials.

    Members of the Ambazonia Defence Forces seated around ‘Brigadier General’ Efang (Image: Garethe Browne)

    In the video above showing ‘Amba Marine Forces’ several commercial sporting shotguns can be seen including what appears to be a Mossberg 590.

    A number of improvised weapons have also been showcased. A type of break barrel shotgun can be seen wielded by guerrilla fighters, among them ‘The Great Field Marshall of Lebialem’, who taking credit for the creation of the new weapon attests for its capabilities in a video:

    “You see this one? We call this one AK47 with a magazine of 30 bullets – and I call this one totally nonsense. You can look at my pipe and then you can look at this one then you’ll know that this one is a toy. If you move one shot with this one you can bring down 20 people at the same time. That’s why I call AK47 a toy.”

    In another video the Great Field Marshall is seen during a meeting with his council of generals who are armed with what appear to be the same weapons which, true to his words appear to have become standard issue:


    A video from December shows an improvised breech-loading swivel gun dubbed the ‘AK-150’. A large bottle-necked shell is shown being chambered along with what appears to be a rudimentary grape shot shell. Such a seemingly primitive round could be more suitable than the former especially in jungle combat where it may possibly be used quite effectively.


    Another variation dubbed an ‘Armored car destroyer’ is showcased in the video below. The shells appear to be constructed from large lengths of steel pipe primed with shotgun shells inserted into the bases.


    Most recently footage has emerged which is purported to show a newly developed copy of the AK47. Only a single shot fired into a tree stump is demonstrated in the video and I imagine there is a good reason for that.