POTD: Russians 10,000 Meters Above the Arctic

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    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we take a look at Russian Paratroopers landing in arctic conditions from high-altitude.

    Auto-translated from Russian:

    “10,000 meters above the Arctic: membrane suit L6 ”

    In this publication, we will talk about the outer membrane layer, which was worn on top of all layers during landing in the Arctic.

    At an altitude of 10,000 meters, the average air temperature during this period of time is -50 C on average, when jumping from an airplane, an additional factor in the freezing of the paratrooper will be a piercing, cold air stream that blows a warm air gap from the clothes if it is not covered by an external layer. The outer layer should also provide thermoregulation. A conventional membrane is not suitable for this, as at low subzero temperatures, it starts to “tan” and stops working.

    After field tests of different membrane samples, the Porelle PTFE membrane was selected for the Arctic weather conditions. It holds 20,000 mm of water and has a vapor permeability of 10,000 g. Due to which the membrane does not stop working in severe frost, unlike membranes with high vapor permeability. Fabric with ripstop reinforcement and additional water-repellent impregnation, with a membrane membrane.

    The suit itself has an articulated cut that does not constrain movements and has the functionality necessary for the convenience of a specialist. For example, a hood that does not close the review. You can use it by putting it on top of the helmet or simply hide it in the collar if it is not necessary. All zippers are protected against dirt and rain. There are VELCRO panels on the forearms for placing IR markers and patches. The left pocket is equipped with a flip lock, which allows you to compactly fold the entire jacket into it. Pants have cargo pockets on the hips, comfortable suspenders with a chest girth, as well as an additional belt for adjusting at the waist. The product is lightweight and compactly folds into a backpack.

    Russian Special Forces at the North Pole. Have you ever been to the North Pole, or a similar “odd” place?

    Pictures of the Winter Uniform.

    Pictures from the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Gruppa 99.