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BACK TO THE FUTURE: The New GLOCK P80 Classic Series

TFB Review: Southern Cross Small Arms TSP X Rifle Chassis

Southern Cross Small Arms is an Australian company based in New South Wales. They specialize in manufacturing quality rifle chassis at an affordable price. We had a chance to review one such chassis offering from Southern Cross Small Arms, the TSP X (Tactical Shooting [Read More…]

The Rimfire Report: Storing Rimfire Ammo Long Term Nighthawk/KORTH Releases the NXA Lightweight 357 Magnum Revolver SILENCER SATURDAY #140: The New YHM R9 Suppressor - Your Golden Ticket?

SILENCER SATURDAY #140: The New YHM R9 Suppressor – Your Golden Ticket?

Good morning substars (copyright 2020 – Pete) and welcome to another installment of TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new R9 suppressor. Which coincidentally is our topic today Last week we discussed damaged [Read More…]

Introducing the new Smart Torq from Real Avid.

Real Avid Releases New Smart Torq Precision Driver

Real Avid, some of the firearms industry’s top tool-masters, produce a host of excellent products to help home gunsmiths. These DIY gurus offer tools like the Master Sight Pusher, the Level-Right Pro precision reticle level, a comprehensive AR-15 armorer’s [Read More…]

The NSSF reports that almost five million Americans have become first-time gun owners this year. Kalashnikov Concern's New MP-155 ULTIMA Smart Shotgun (1) Primary Arms now offers a spectrum of FN America's AR barrels.

Concealed Carry Corner: Three Different Carry Bag Options

Last week, I wrote about various PDWs and there were a number of people asking about the Vertx bag I had in the background. I also had people ask about other types of carry bags that work well with carrying concealed for pistols and larger weapons as well. There are [Read More…]

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #16: Andrew Wright And George Syrengelas From SureFire Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG (1) Illinois Leads Nation in total NICS Checks Heading into September Local Gun Store Out of Stock? How to Buy a Gun Online With Gunbroker