New Microtech Defense R²K9 Suppressor

    Microtech R2K9 suppressor

    Ever since the Microtech Defense Suppressors were approved by the ATF in 2017 we at TFB have kept you updated with news. They were caught in the wild at Big Daddy Unlimited as well as on other occasions.

    Here’s the story of creating this suppressor, as told by Microtech Defense:

    Over 3 years ago, MDI set out with a vision – To create the most effective and most durable modular 9mm Suppressor on the market.

    Testing material after material, searching for the best quality and durability, we have constructed the main body, accessory module, end cap and every baffle from 6AL 4V Titanium.

    All sound testing was done in accordance to MIL-STD 1474D. We used the same manufacturer and lot number of 147gr. commercial 9mm ammunition for all of our testing.

    All of our decibel reduction numbers were verified with independent suppressor testing facilities using their equipment and testing locations.

    As usual with Microtech, there are lots of options. I wonder when the Marfione Deluxe version will get here?


    Our entry into the suppressor world was not built overnight. Years of development and rigorous testing with endless rounds and scenarios went into the birth of the R2 K9.

    Not everyone will let you look inside their suppressor, so it’s nice to have such a detailed overview from Microtech.

    Parts Overview:

    A. K Unit
    B. Accessory Module
    C. Long Baffles
    D. Short Baffles
    E. O Rings
    F. Piston Retainer Cap
    G. Baffle Retainer
    H. End Cap / PRC Removal Tool
    I. Piston Spring
    J. 1/2 x 28 Piston
    K. 13.5 x 1LH Piston
    L. Fixed Barrel Spacer
    M. 2 Sided Armorers Tool
    N. 2 Piece Push Rod
    O. Guide

    Introducing the new standard for firearm suppressor technology! We have developed what we believe is the best 9mm modular suppressor on the market. Our unit is not only the quietest we have tested in its size group, but it is also full-auto rated for +P ammunition. Every shot fired from our unit is rated at hearing safe levels, regardless of length or configuration. Advanced and novice users alike will quickly understand why we believe we’ve developed the best 9mm suppressor on the planet.

    The R2K9 suppressor will be available via Michrotech’s authorized dealers soon. One dealer has the R2K9 listed at 1,500 USD, check it out here.

    Microtech setup a FAQ here:

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    For more information, visit the Microtech Defense website here.

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