RCBS Announces Five New Reloading Kits Shipping Now

    RCBS has released five new all-in-one reloading setups, like the comprehensive Rebel Plus kit show here.

    RCBS has released five new all-in-one reloading setups, like the comprehensive Rebel Plus kit show here.

    In the course of its 77-year history, RCBS has grown from one man’s hobby to a reloading industry leader. When varmint hunting enthusiast Fred T. Huntington began crafting dies just for his personal use in the back of his father’s Oroville, California laundromat, he probably didn’t imagine that in just five short years he would be running his own full-time shop. It would’ve been more unimaginable if he’d known that within ten years after that, he’d have to relocate to a 7500 square foot full-scale manufacturing facility that would eventually grow to over 50,000 square feet. With a series of continued expansions and acquisitions, RCBS now stands at the forefront of the reloading industry, propelled by three-quarters of a century of success. With the following July 22nd press release, they’ve released five new kits designed to be all-in-one solutions, to help simplify the meeting of their customers’ needs.

    If you need a case prep-specific kit, they've got you covered.

    If you need a case prep-specific kit, they’ve got you covered.

    OVERLAND PARK, Kansas –– RCBS, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, announced today it has commenced shipping of five new product kits designed to simplify the needs of both novice and professional reloaders while reducing cost.

    The four new reloading kits plus one case prepping kit feature the essential equipment needed to begin common reloading projects. The new kits have been designed to save users both time and money by providing them with a well-rounded assortment of tools without the added hassle of purchasing individual pieces.

    “As more people look to reloading to solve their ammunition needs, there is a growing request to help simplify the tools needed for those getting started or to upgrade their current equipment list,” said Will Hemeyer, Senior Product Manager for RCBS. “The newest kits from RCBS offer a considerable cost savings and were specifically designed to assist these reloaders by providing them with all of the essential gear they need while saving time in the process.”

    New RCBS items available include the Rebel Plus Reloading Kit, the Rebel Master Kit, the Partner Reloading Kit-2, the Explorer Reloading Kit-2 and the Case Prep Kit. With prices ranging from $274.95 to $649.95, these kits help answer the needs from both entry level and expert reloaders alike.

    Each of the kits is packed with premium RCBS items along with several new items released for 2020. The Explorer Reloading Kit-2 and Partner Reloading Kit-2 have been upgraded from earlier offerings to include the new 1,500 Grain Digital Pocket Scale for the most accurate measurements possible. The Explorer Reloading Kit-2 also contains the new Uniflow III Powder Measure which was designed with a single metering screw to accommodate both rifles and pistols while promoting consistent, reliable accuracy for any load needed.

    The Rebel Plus Reloading Kit and Rebel Master Kit also include the Uniflow III Powder Measure but have been updated with the new Rebel Single Stage Press. Constructed from a sold cast iron frame, the Rebel Single Stage Press has ben meticulously machined to exacting tolerances and features the tallest opening of any RCBS Single Stage press on the market.

    For more information on the new RCBS kits be sure to visit your local retailer or go to www.RCBS.com.

    The entry-level Partner kit is a great way to get started inexpensively.

    The entry-level Partner kit is a great way to get started inexpensively.

    Have you been looking for a way to get into reloading, but the equipment has proven daunting? Do you already reload but you’re using a piecemeal setup that you’ve cobbled together, and you’d like to upgrade to a more cohesive equipment package? Do you have other reloading areas covered but you’d like to add case prep abilities to your arsenal? One of these new kits could be just what you need. Let us know what you think in the comments below! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of RCBS.

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