POTD: The Beretta M3P Pump and Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Beretta mp3

    The Italian company Beretta opens its vaults to show the M3P shotgun. These photos were taken in 1990. The M3P is a 12 gauge shotgun with 5 rounds fed from a detachable box magazine although some sources say the magazine takes 6 rounds. It can run both as a pump-action or semi-automatic, which is great if you want to use special loads that are too weak (rubber balls, for instance) for cycling the semi-auto action. The design of the folding stock is special in the sense that it folds over the top of the barrel and becomes a carrying handle. The operation is similar to the SPAS-15.

    For some more information on the Beretta M3P, you can check the unofficial Berettaweb. If you want to learn more about Italian rubber shotgun ammunition, check our “Review: Fiocchi 12 Gauge Rubber Buckshot and Rubber Slugs” article.

    What do you think of the design of this Beretta?

    All photos from Beretta Facebook.