Live Free Armory LF320 Slides for SIG Sauer P320 Pistols

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    Live Free Armory, a firearms and accessories manufacturing company located in Melbourne, Florida, has recently announced that their new LF320 line of slides designed for SIG Sauer P320 pistols is now available. The Live Free Armory LF320 slides are currently offered in two versions – LF320 Pro and LF320 Elite. The differences between the two models are largely in the amount and geometry of ports cut into the slides. The LF320 Elite features a number of lightening cuts on top, sides and at the muzzle whereas the LF320 Pro only has a single top port.

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    Live Free Armory LF320 Pro Slide

    According to Live Free Armory, besides the aesthetical differences from factory P320 slides, their LF320 slides also have an enhanced design that ensures “improved ejection and overall functionality“. The LF320 slides are machined out of 416 stainless steel, heat treated to 38-42 HRC Rockwell hardness, and come with an oven-cured Cerakote finish. Both slides are available in one of the following Cerakote colors options: Graphite Black, Tungsten, OD Green, Burnt Bronze and FDE. These slides are compatible with SIG P320 Full-Size, X-Five, Compact, Carry and X-Carry grip modules and factory slide parts. The overall length of both slides is 7.355″ and the thickness is 1.055″.

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    Live Free Armory LF320 Elite Slide

    The MSRP of Live Free Armory LF320 Pro slide is $249 and the LF320 Elite has a price tag that reads $299. The prices are for stripped slides. Arguably, these are some of the most affordable aftermarket SIG P320 slides currently available on the market. The LF320 slides can also be ordered with an RMR cut, however, slides with this option are currently on backorder. In the description of the slides, it is mentioned that they will be available with cuts for other red dot sights too such as the Vortex Viper and SIG Sauer sights. Live Free Armory LF320 slides are made in the USA.

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