POTD: Heckler & Koch G36 A3 with Night Vision

    Photo Of The Day – We take a look at the latest upgrades for the German standard issue rifle G36. The 3rd company of the Jägerbataillon 91, based in Rotenburg (Germany), is currently being equipped with the “IdZ eS” equipment. The abbreviation stands for “Infantryman of the future” (the letters “eS” stand for “extended system”). The system is described as a quantum leap from the equipment which the soldiers had to work with so far.

    Below: My HK has two triggers and two barrels…

    The system includes everything from a tailored uniform and new combat helmet to the weapon itself as well as optics and guidance systems. The heart of the high-tech system is the so-called “electronic back” – it contains a system computer, radio, GPS receiver and batteries.

    There is also a thermal imaging observation device, called the NYXUS Bird. The device offers a reliable view even in absolute darkness so that the soldiers can fight at night.

    The modified G36 A3 is also equipped with a push-to-talk button on the handguard. The soldiers no longer need to take their hands off their weapons and reach for the radio if they want to connect with comrades and superiors. It is enough to press the button in the handrail to establish the connection.

    The equipment, however, is not cheap: a complete system costs around 120,000 Euros – per soldier.

    All photos by Bundeswehr/ Reschke.